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David Kuo

Picture sent in by Nick  in the New Forest when David said a shop assistant had pointed out that he resembled the legendary John Denver


David Kuo official written warning, dated 1st July 2004.

Dear Mr Kuo,

You are employed by the BBC to entertain the listeners of radio London and to give the latest financial news at 7:15 every morning.

On Thursday 1st July 2004, you brought us 2 stories. One about a dream machine and one about Estée Lauder. Yet the main financial story on all major networks including your own was the chairman of Sainsbury's 'standing down'.

This comes on the top of a number of other serious breaches of contract, including not being able to sing a song all the way through and not being able to calculate the percent increase in profit when a company’s profit rises from £75m to £100m.

If you are unable to get the latest stories may we suggest that you wake up a little earlier and listen to ‘Wake up to money’ with Guy Ruddle and Mickey Clark so that you can have the latest financial news?

We don't expect this type of work from someone who claims to have a PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College, please take this notice as your first official written warning.

From the Listeners to the Danny Baker Show.

David's Blog

Listen to Danny's last show, if you missed it.

David Kuo

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David Kuo is still going to be doing his slot and we will continue to keep you updated.

David is now working with Joanne Good.

As well as doing his regular spot on the breakfast show David also writes a daily column for the Motley Fool web site.

BBC London's Breakfast Show Christmas Panto
Listen to David playing a Guss.
 Well panto is the best time of the year and with loud ,unsubtle, over the top performers such as Jo Good and Baylen its inevitable they drag the breakfast show down to their level. Cinderella (Jo says the best panto story due to the youthful age of Cinderella who Jo could still play given the right light) was the production to be heard on Boxing Day.

audio Christmas Panto: Cinderella >
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David has admitted to going out late at night and driving his car on the right hand side of the road, in readiness for a driving trip to the USA!
David confessed to having a Bugs Bunny tie, but Mrs Kuo wont let him wear it.


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